30-Minute Meet and Greet

Not sure what you are looking for? Or that I would be practitioner for you? I offer a free 30-minute meet and greet where we can meet and you can ask me questions in a safe, non-threatening environment.  If afterwards you feel that I would not be the practitioner for you I am happy to make several recommendations of local healers.

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development

Using my intuitive gifts I help you to find a clarity and insight during those times of challenge in your lives.


I help you to look inward towards your own guiding light and to follow your heart with faith and commitment. To remember we all have the answers inside and the power to ensure it all turns out well if we just let it be so. 

A session consists of different modalities including Reiki, Crystal Healing, Polarity, Sound and Vibration Healing and Intuitive Guidance.

Please note: while I do help clients address and release blocks pertaining to business and success I am not a business coach or a marketing consultant. For those services please see my resource page.

30-Minute Crystal Recharge

Do you feel drained or low on energy or maybe feeling particularly stressed and don't want or have time for a full session?  A 30-minute crystal recharge allows you to come and relax on the table while I surround you with healing crystals and play crystal singing bowls on a CD.  After 30-minutes I will come and wake and ground you.

Energy Healing

Polarity Therapy and Reiki, while from different traditions of origin. They are both founded on the basic principle: the body consists of not only physical but of energetic anatomy. This intrinsic energy is esoteric and scientific, expressed in elements of the subtle energy body such as the chakras and the aura. It is also in the form of processes such as neural impulses, muscle contractions, and cellular energy creation.

Using the vibration of instruments such as crystal and bronze singing bowls, drums, Tibetan cymbals and tuning forks combined with Reiki/Polarity I am able to break up the energetic blocks in your body allowing your energy to align and flow the way it is meant to bringing a sense of well-being.

What can you expect during a session?

You will be fully clothed during an energy session so it is suggested you wear comfortable clothing.  During the session you will feel me lay hands lightly on the areas I sense energy blockages, I may at times lay crystals and healing stones on you.  The touch will never be inappropriate.  Most people feel a sense of deep relaxation, some may experience a sensation of their body jerking or twitching as the energy begins to move.  

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